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Udder Case: Taylor Swift is expected to be present to talk courtrooms

STAR Pop, Taylor Swift. - Photo Reuters
LOS ANGELES: Pop Star, Taylor Swift is expected to be in court in Denver this week for a trial involving a radio DJ who allegedly groped her at a concert.

Jury selection began yesterday and Swift, 27, allowed to give a detailed description of the alleged assault happened during the meet and greet fans four years ago.

Swift said the radio DJ, David Mueller gazed back on his back during the concert at Pepsi Center, Denver in June 2013 before the concert took place.

Mueller was sacked two days after the allegation was made by his employer, a local radio station, KYGO.

He also took court action against Swift in September 2015, claiming Swift was supposed to call the police and not his manager until he lost his job and salary.

Mueller denied suffocating Swift in the back and suing the singer, who is also the songwriter for $ 3 million, while Swift only demanded US $ 1 (RM4.20) and the convict was convicted.

Popular songwriters Shake It off and Bad Blood say the decision on their side will be an example for other women who may be afraid to come forward to face the same situation.

The opening statement is expected to begin today. - AFP

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