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Not encouraging rape victims to marry the offender

KUALA LUMPUR: The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry (KPWKM) never encourages rape victims, especially underage girls to marry the criminal.

In a statement, the ministry said that underage marriages would disrupt the opportunity for them to expand their potential, as well as to challenge the physical and mental challenges of the children.

However, he said, in the issue involving an underage girl who married his rapist in Sabah, KPWKM agreed with the decision of the victim and the family who wanted to pursue the marriage.

'The Ministry acknowledged the results of the victim and family in marriage the couple concerned according to with existing law.

"The Islamic Family Law (Federal Territories) Act 1984 and the Islamic Family Law Enactment in states provide for marriage under 16 years old with the approval of the Syariah Court," he said.

KPWKM was commenting on a media report yesterday over his minister's written statement, Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim, who described the underage girl to be in good condition despite being married to her rapist, Riduan Masmud, 44, who is currently serving a jail term of 12 years after being found guilty of raping Victims in 2015.

Rohani's written response to Teo Nie Ching (DAP-Kulai) received various feedback, particularly when the child was told refused to go to school because of shame with widespread media coverage on the issue.

KPWKM said it is willing to provide social support such as counseling and regular monitoring for the welfare of the child and his family, as well as the Welfare Department (JKM) will continue to monitor the progress of the children.

In the meantime, the MWFCD stressed that marriage with rape victim does not protect the offender from being convicted of a criminal offense.

"Penalties imposed on offenders for the case clearly indicate that the existing legal system is robust in protecting victims of crime, in particular cases involving children," he said.

Riduan was sentenced to 12 years jail and two strokes on February 3, 2014 after being found guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl during a car accident near Kionsom waterfall, Inanam, near here, about 10am on Feb 18 2013.

The case received much attention when the Sessions Court on 20 May 2013 was informed that Riduan was married to the girl on May 7, 2013 in accordance with Syariah law, and even a copy of the marriage certificate was submitted to the court.

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