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Experience study in Mongolia in judo athlete's confidence level

ATLET Judo Mohd Farhan Uzair (kanan), Nor Izzatul Fazila ketika sidang media program Kita Juara 2017 di Hotel Renaissance. - Foto Nur Adibah Ahmad Izam
KUALA LUMPUR: The 'tutoring' experience with Mongolian Olympic coaches Baltulga Dashgobol is clearly helping to boost the confidence oftwo national judo athletes towards the of the SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur 2017 (KL2017).

Athletes for the under-category category of 73 kilograms (kg) Mohd Farhan Uzair said the almost two-month-old experience of his combat skills was improving and ready for the tournament on Aug 26.
"After undergoing training there, I can feel a lot of changes, especially in terms of mental strength and sharpening skills that are being improved.
"In addition, the cold weather in Mongolia helps me to improve my stamina, and I can feel the difference when I return to training with my teammates in Malaysia.
'With all the neat intensive preparation of endure, I will give my best in the effort to end the drought of gold medal for 36 years for the judo event after the last time won in the 1981 edition,' he said when met at a media conference Program 'We are the Champions' here, yesterday.

For edition in Kuala Lumpur, the squad judo national fielding three winners of the bronze medal in Singapore namely Mohd Farhan, Chong Wei Fu and Nor Izzatul Fazlia with the main target is to qualify to the final.

Meanwhile, the same feeling was also recognized by Nor Izzatul who will compete in the category below 78 kg of women, claiming to be fully prepared to play at the Games.
"The experience gained when practicing with Mongolian judo athletes in the Olympics will be fully utilized when I'm down in the field," he said.

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