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WOW !! Facebook users are now two billion

KUALA LUMPUR: 'With you, this adventure is an honor for me.'

So the statement by the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in his Facebook status updates on Wednesday when commenting on the number of active users of the world's biggest virtual page that now reach two billion.

The figure represents an increase of two-fold compared to one billion reached in October 2012.

With two billion users, Facebook now has a ' population ' exceeds any country in the world as well as representing one quarter than the overall population.

This achievement also put Facebook as a social app with the largest registered users compared to YouTube (1.5 billion), WeChat (889 million), and Twitter (328 million).

According to Statista's international statistical agency, the United States remains the country with 219 million Facebook users, followed by India (213 million), Brazil (123 million), Indonesia (111 million), and Mexico (76 million).

Malaysia has about 22 million Facebook users.

Unites community

Increasing number of Facebook users each year also signifies increased responsibility for Zuckerberg and his team in ensuring the content of the social site is regulated and does not harm users, such as spreading false news and broadcasting criminal activity directly through Facebook Live.

This 'responsibility' issue has also become a Facebook new determination announced by Zuckerberg himself in the Facebook Community Summit last week.

"Now I believe we have more responsibility. Not enough by connecting the world, now we need to make the world more integrated, "he said.

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