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Steady efforts to make the language as a tool of unity

- The effort to make Bahasa Melayu a means of unity to unite all races in Malaysia, especially through the national education system should be further strengthened.

The main Fellow of the National Institute of Ethics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Prof Datuk Dr Teo Kok Seong said the language is a entity that can be used for a variety of purposes such as tools to unleash the culture and shape the spirit of nationality.

"The success shown by neighboring countries, Indonesia, which only uses Bahasa Indonesia as intermediary medium, can be emulated," he said when delivering a paper entitled 'Malay Wasilah Solidarity' at the National Strengthening Conventions: Towards More Existing Wills here today.

In fact, he said the majority of Chinese in Malaysia who choose to speak Chinese when communicating among themselves indirectly strengthen the unity of the community it.

"In contrast to the situation during the 70s, the Chinese chose to use their own language quiz like Hokkien and Hakka, and the situation is changing as they prefer to speak Mandarin," he said.

However, he said, the government's efforts in making language factor as a multi-racial unity medium in Malaysia still failed compared to Indonesia and Thailand.

"The proof of racial polarization is still manifest in this country with students at the Chinese National Type School (SJKC) on average only fluent in Mandarin compared to Malay and English, with the reason that they are burdened because they have to learn three languages ​​at a young age.

Commenting further, Kok Seong said the government over the past 60 years has been working hard to make the Malay language a unity language especially through the Razak Report.

In addition, he said the government intends to introduce several methods to address language flaws through the addition of teaching and learning time (PdP) of Malay language subjects as well as syllabus syllabus at national and SKJC schools.

Obviously, the only country that allowed the use of one language as its main language, it was found to be easy to manage the unity of its people.

The two-day convention organized by the Ummah Unity Consultative Panel (PPPU) -The National Dakwah Mission is to open discourse on the King's institutions as enshrined in the Federal Constitution and national legislation, acting as an umbrella for unity and unity of all Malaysians. - Bernama

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