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How to Create and Install Links on Blog

How to create a link on Blogger or website can be done in two ways, namely by the method " Compose " or with the method " HTML ".

Links can be words, sentences, sentences, or also a picture / photo.
Links can go to the address of other websites / blogs, to the address of the same website / blog, and also on one page of the same website / blog.

Compose Method

Typing a word or phrase to be created a link , then "block" using the mouse so that the word or phrase is highlighted.
Then click " Link " and the window will appear as below.

Text to display is a word or phrase that will be used as a link .

Web address is the destination website address of the link. Example:

Email address is to create a link whose purpose is to send e-mail. Example:
Send email

Open this link in a new window is when the check function to open a link in a new window or a new tab when the link is clicked. Example: Click the following link to open in a new window:

Add 'rel = nofollow' attribute is to add additional attributes or information to those links that provide information / information to search engines like Google not to track the links in search engines.

HTML Method

The HTML method is a different way to the Compose method. We must use the HTML code to create a link . The code we use is:

<a href="url address">Text / image made into a link </a >

Red color you can change with the purpose of your link.

Opening Links On New Tab In Browser
To open a link on the page / new tab, then we add the code "target = _blank". Example:

<a href=" url address "target="_blank"> How to Change Template in Blogger </a>

Then it will be like this: How to Change Template in Blogger

Maybe so first How to Make Link in this Blog . Hopefully easy to understand and can help you. Thanks .... credit otodidakers-tutor

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