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Now You Can Visit 33 Best Location In Indonesia This Weekly

According to statistics released by Indonesia's tourism agency, many Malaysians who come to holiday in this country choose Bandung and Bali as a preferred destination and mostly make shopping as a major attraction.

The fact is that Indonesia offers a wide range of interesting locations and activities. Here we share 33 activities that can be done in 15 locations in Indonesia.

Banda Aceh
1. Snorkeling on Rubiah Island, Sabang

The clear waters and the beauty of the island make snorkelling amongst the compulsory ones if you are to Acheh.

2. Visit the Baiturrahman Mosque

The mosque remains strong despite Acheh being hit by a tsunami. Now it's one of the most visited locations of Acheh travelers.

The nearest airport: Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport, Banda Acheh. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA - Acheh. You can check the latest promotions here.

3. Cycling on the cloud at The Lodge Maribaya

Time to test your courage. Here there are also hammocks and huts on a pine tree for you to take pictures in style.

4. Berbuai di Citatah Cliff

The first time I saw this activity was the Alps. I do not think that in Bandung was there. This location is the site of military training. But now it is open to the public at weekends for rock climbing activities .

The nearest airport: Husein Sastranegara International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 - Bandung. You can check the latest promotions here.

5. Hotel Bedugul Recreational Park

Typical for you who want a twist and test your courage. The hotel with unique architecture built but failed to be prepared is said to be haunted. He was left empty 10 years ago.

There are not many daring locals here. Even the owner and why the construction of the hotel was stopped was unknown. And no tour is available. If you want, you have to go alone. Hehe.

6. Feel the splash of waves from the top of the bridge in Nusa Dua

A strong wave that strikes the rock and the small passage between the cliffs creates a splash of water up to the cliff. If you're here make sure to bring extra clothes to change when wet.

7. Mara River Safari Lodge Bali

Speaking of the definite Bali is its unique beach and culture. But many have overlooked the safari here. The more interesting you are to stay in a hotel where the animals roam freely.

The nearest airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 to Bali. You can check the latest promotions here.

8. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This is the place for you to learn about the culture of attracting various tribes in Indonesia. Also here is the mini replicas of the houses and interesting buildings available in the country. Also present are dance and cultural music for each ethnic group. If you want a bit of adventure, you can take a cable car that will take you around and view the garden from above.

9. Taman Safari Bogor

Located less than 2 hours from Jakarta, Bogor offers many locations with its own attractions. If you want to experience the experience of being very close to animals, this safari is the answer. With a bus ride provided by the safari, you are taken around the safari while looking at the animals here more closely.

The nearest airport: Soekarno - Hatta International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 - Jakarta. You can check the latest promotions here.

10. Water Yarn Mosquito

When you see the action in front of the waterfall is too common, let's try this way too. The location of the waterfall is at the foot of Mount Rinjani.

11. Semeti Beach

Whenever rocks on the crippled planet (home of Superman), that is what you can see when visiting this beach. Unique location with sharp rocks by the beach. It is most interesting when the big waves crashed into the rocks, producing unique scenery when the bubbles climbed between sharp rocks.

The nearest airport: Lombok International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 - Lombok. You can check the latest promotions here.

12. Extreme Hammers in Cekong Hill

Can not get to the South American Continent, can swing in this cradle no less thrilling. With an altitude of 150 meters from the bottom of the abyss, it will definitely pose for you. To adrenaline junkies, this should fit into your wishlist.

13. Makassar Grand Canyon at Kampili Dam, Gowa

Located 1 hour from Makassar, this unique location is actually a dam built to curb the flood in this area. Water from the dam is also used to irrigate the rice fields in the surrounding area.

The nearest airport: Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 - Makassar. You can check the latest promotions here.

14. Dolok High King's White Crater

Once again Pamukkale remembered in Turkey. Who would have thought such an interesting location was near Medan. You can also bathe in the access section. 2. Flowing waterfalls meet hot water to produce a sense of comfort in the pool.

15. Enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba in Simarjarunjung

Interesting views can be enjoyed at Simarjarunjung. Apart from the hut on the tree, a cradle is also available here.

16 . Waterfall Sipiso Piso

Not complete to Medan if not here. Between the highest air in Indonesia, Sipiso Piso Waterfall has a height of 120 meters.

The nearest airport: Kualanamu International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 to Medan. You can check the latest promotions here.

17. Maninjau Lake

A quiet and beautiful lake as you can enjoy the Minangkabau culture. It's even more interesting to get here you have to get through the bent bending path as you go up the hill known as the Curve 44.

18. Mentawai Island

For surfing fans, here are some of the destination destinations. But if you just want to relax while enjoying nature, Mentawai Island is one of the few destinations to visit in Padang.

The nearest airport: Minangkabau International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 to Padang. You can check the latest promotions here.

19. Okura Village

In this Okura Village you can take a boat along the river, see the traditional culture, ride motorcycles around the village and cross between sago and horse riding.

20. Surfing waves on the Bono River

Usually when surfing the waves must be on the beach with the sea. But different here. Surfing can be done on Bono river. The more interesting the waves can reach 6 meters high with a speed of 40 km / h. Not surprisingly, it has become a favorite destination for this sports fan from around the world and many records have been solved here.

21. Grand Mosque An Nur

The mosque built in 1968 features the features of Malay, Turkish, Arabic and Indian architecture. It is said that he is a Taj Mahal architecture in India.

The nearest airport: Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 - Pekanbaru. You can check the latest promotions here.

22. Al-Quran Museum in Southeast Asia's largest wood carvings

Something unique and rarely we encounter seems to exist in Palembang. This giant Qur'an is the largest and the first al qur'an in the world in the form of Al Quran 30 juz which is made on the type of wood carvings.

23. Cheng Cheng Mosque

The mosque with architecture and Chinese elements built by the Chinese Muslims was opened to the public in 2008. This mosque is one of the main attractions here.

The nearest airport: Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport. AirAsia flies from KLIA2 to Palembang. You can check the latest promotions here.

24. Standing at the point of the Equator line

This equator is a monument marking the equator line. What is interesting is that only 12 countries in the world are crossing the north and south dividing lines. And only 1 city is above the Khatulistiw line, Pontianak.

25. Cruise on Kapuas River

The longest river in Indonesia, the river is the source of income to the people living on the edge. It is estimated that there are also 300 species of freshwater fish in this river. What is interesting with this cruise, you are served with a drink and sitting at a table like at a coffee shop during the cruise for 45 minutes.

The nearest airport: Supardio International Airport, Pontianak. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 to Pontianak. You can check the latest promotions here.

26. Enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo

Not complete to Surabaya if not to Mount Bromo. You can choose whether to climb this mountain or just look at its beauty from the foot of the mountain. What's more the scenery as the sun goes up and the sun goes down here is really awesome.

27. Riding horses while listening to sand whispers

Unique location where you can hear sand sounds as if whispering here. Located at the foot of Mount Bromo, it is a must-have location if you are here.

The nearest airport: Juanda International Airport, Surabaya. AirAsia provides direct flights to KLIA2 - Surabaya. You can check the latest promotions here.

28. Brown Canyon, Semarang

This location is originally a quarry. Now it's one of the attractions in Semarang because of its uniqueness.

29. Umbul Sidomukti

Resort area with 4 pools on a hillside. In addition to scenic scenery, rugged activities including flying foxes across 2 hills are also available. You can plan whether to book a day trip or book a hotel to stay here. Shops and restaurants are also available for visitors.

The nearest airport: Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang. AirAsia provides direct flights to KLIA2 - Semarang. You can check the latest promotions here.

30. Triwindu antiques market

For fans of antiques, this is a must-go destination. There are a variety of old and used items on offer here.

31. Bermesra with deer in Taman Balekambang

In this park you get close to the tame deer. The garden built in 1921 was originally a private garden. However, in 2008 the park was renovated, thus becoming the center of art and culture, botanical garden and recreational park.

The nearest airport: Adi Sumarmo International Airport, Solo / Surakarta. AirAsia provides KLIA2 - Solo direct flight. You can check the latest promotions here.

32. Titanic Style and Mood at the Kanigoro Punch

In addition to shipbuilding, you can also take pictures with a butterfly spot selfie that is also available here.

33. Take a gondola at Timang Beach

A unique activity that you should try to go to Yogyakarta. The gondola is originally used by residents here to transport marine products, especially shrimps caught around here. But now it is a major attraction for those who love challenging activities.

The nearest airport: Adisutjipto International Airport. AirAsia provides direct flights from KLIA2 - Yogyakarta. You can check the latest promotions here.

All of these locations and activities can be easily visited as AirAsia provides 350 flights per week to 15 locations in Indonesia. It is important that you have to be wise to grab the cheap fares and promotions offered by this airline.

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