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don't do this to a child because to popular

Siberia (Russia): Police hunting a father who would film that endanger the lives of their children solely want popular on social media.

The man, known as Roman R, uploaded a picture of his protruding baby out of the speedy car window.

In another picture, the man stood on the roof of a building while holding the foot of his baby hanging upside down.

The dangerous act not only made the man popular in social media but he was now being hunted by the authorities for the dangers of his son's life.

The Siberian Times reported that the man was believed to have lived in Zelenogorsk in Siberia and his son was less than a year old.

Police said the authorities were tracking the man after receiving numerous complaints from Internet users.

"We want to arrest the man because his actions are endangering the lives of his children," police spokesman said.

The man who often uploaded his pictures to various dangerous acts was also condemned by social media users who regarded him as sick and crazy.

"A father should protect his son instead of putting the baby in a very dangerous situation," a social media user said. - Agency

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