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Keep ethics so 'police' - drama directed Aziz M Osman

After creating the name through serial drama such as Teman Lelaki Upahan, Si Kolot Suamiku dan Papa Ricky, popular actress Siti Elizad returned with her latest drama called My Darling Inspector Daniel.

In the 16 episodes of the drama series Aziz M Osman's direction, Aaron Aziz Elizad teamed, Elizabeth Tan, Erra, Shahir, Umbrella and Dazrin Zarul Kamarudin.

For owners of real names, Siti Elizad Mohd Sharifuddin, 33, is a character in the drama Inspector Hannah Skop Productions is like a golden opportunity for him.

"Character as a policeman has been dreaming of being involved in acting. Inspector Hannah's character is also interesting because he is a tomboi, rugged and likes to ride a motorcycle.

"As an actor, I have to empathize with a variety of characters and not just tied to a character on a mission to become a versatile actor,"

Elizad admits he gained valuable experience during the filming of the drama before.

"Once wearing the uniform, I have to take care of ethics as policemen and focus on character.

"At first, I was clumsy to handle a gun, but he managed to overcome with the guidance of the director and the crew on location shooting,"

Talking about challenges, Elizad said, filming was done on Ramadan.

"In addition to filming in the middle of the heat, it involves many rounds of riding a police motorcycle.

"I am a fan of high-powered motorcycles and it is also an attraction in this story," 

Regarding a couple with Aaron, Elizad said he had no problem getting compatibility.

"I was often paired with the hero who was easy to work with and Aaron was also a cheerful guy when shooting.

"Likewise Erra, he's a very humble senior actor and is not in the position of knowledge. As a new person, Elizabeth is also talented in acting. This drama is more casual and entertainment for the whole family, "

The series dramas broadcast every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm on the Astro Ria & Ria HD channel beginning July 31.

It will appear with a new single

In addition to acting, Elizad also developed a branch of art by engaging in the field of singing.

In fact, her first single, Hai Yaya, also received a welcome from fans and was chosen to be the drama theme song of Mr. Suami Mat Salleh Celup.

"I'm thankful that the song was received by fans. Insya-Allah, I'm planning to appear new single debgan.

"If I could just want a more relaxed and acoustic genre of songs after this," 

In other developments, Elizad is now involved with the depiction of Into Jannah (husband and wife slot) program for seven days in Canberra, Australia for the Astro Oasis channel.

Elizad is also accompanied by her husband, Shamsul Baharin throughout the country.

Subsequent to her, she will be on the scene of a drama series of 70 episodes, Second Heaven with Erra Fazira for the Astro Prima channel.-Ramlah Zainal - HM

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