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Coolcempoi-fake news avoid chaos

KUALA LUMPUR - The false News Act is intended to safeguard the interests of the public and the peace of the country from being affected by the transmission of false news by irresponsible parties.

Minister of Rural and Regional Development Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said that under the bill may be, does not mean waiving the right to speak instead to avoid false defamatory news that eventually threaten the peace of the country.

"This false news Act should be held, not just Malaysia but other countries like Singapore, the UK and France are still researching (related to false news).

"In terms of the national constitution, we still have the right to speak but the right of speech that is not like defamatory and lying. For example, there is a social media saying that a group of Chinese were killed by the Malays, This problem is going to cause race riots and civil war between the Chinese and Malay?

"Similarly, if there is news that the church is burned by Muslim youths, will cause be a religious war between us while the news is false news," he told reporters at a press conference after attending the Infra-UCAM Development Program Diploma Program Convocation Ceremony and Infra-UniKL Village Governance Certificate Program Closing Ceremony yesterday.

According to him, the government did not want the country to become a riot because of false news spread by some unscrupulous parties.

He said that to the small number of these parties, if not controlled it would have a great impact on the entire people in the country.

"If we do not restrict these things done by irresponsible parties, it will cause wars and chaos in the country.

"That is why the government has taken action to introduce this act so that we can keep in mind in terms of national security, racial unity, religious unity and so on that there is no such issue.

"We see that while Islam is the official religion, other religious federation is also practiced in the country, it is accepted without any problems by the people of this country.

Hence, we do not want the spread of false news to eventually lead to the split among ours, "he said.

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